Collection of Biennale in Novi Pazar

Cultural Center Gornji Milanovac and Museum Ras will present an exhibition of selected works from the Collection of the International Biennial of Art of Miniature on Thursday, March 23, at the Gallery of the City Museum in Novi Pazar.
The setting will consist of more than 100 miniatures signed by authors from almost all the world’s meridians.
– The exhibition in Novi Pazar is an opportunity to present, in the year between the two Biennales, the extraordinary value of the Collection, which now has more than 1200 small-size works of art, to the wider public of southwestern Serbia. For this kind of promotion of the Biennial, as a unique manifestation in the world, as well as the promotion of Gornji Milanovac and the entire mining-takovo region, works were selected, domestic and foreign artists, which are a valuable part of the Collection, said Dragan Arsic, director of the Cultural Center.
The most valuable part of the exhibition will be the selected works of the awarded authors from the previous thirteen Biennial, starting from the main award ceremony, through the first awards in all areas of visual, applied and in general visual arts, to special prizes according to the decision of the expert jury.
– Selected artworks will be the best representative of the Biennale, a renowned, prestigious and prestigious international event that will be realized in Gornji Milanovac in the next year, in 2018, says Radoš Gačić, editor of the Cultural Center’s visual program.
The exhibition in Novi Pazar will be exhibited by mid-April, and visitors will be able to look at the part of the retrospective documentary exhibition with the first thirteen exhibitions of the Biennial, apart from the selected works from the Collection

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