The Cultural Centre Gornji Milanovac announced the 16th International Biennial of Miniature Art and invited artists from all over the world to participate. The opening ceremony is planned to take place on 23rd April 2022. Closing date for the works to be sent in is 31st October 2021. Venue of the event opening is the Cultural Centre Modern Gallery. The exhibition will be open for at least two months.

The competition is open for all individuals over 18 years of age who deal with art and who accept the terms and conditions of the participation. Artists are free in choosing topics and techniques. Only the original works which have been made in the last two years and which will be assessed as works of high artistic and professional standards will be accepted.

Exhibition categories are painting, graphics, sculpture, drawing, applied art, photography and intermedia.

Calendar of the manifestation:

– The competition is open from 1 September until 31 October 2021

– Selection of works: 13 and 14 November 2021

– Decisions about the awards (Jury): 27 and 28 November 2021

– Closing date for the return of the rejected works: 31 January 2022

– Opening ceremony: 23 April 2022

– Duration of the exhibition: 23 April to 30 June 2022

– Closing date for the return of the works: 31 December 2022.


Should any of the works be returned to the Organizer for any reason, they will be held in trust with the Organizer. Unless the authors contact the Organizer within 3 (three) years, the expert committee will allocate the works to the collection or the Sales Fund of the Biennial.

The members of the Artistic Board:

Božidar Plazinić, President;

Sanja Filipović, deputy to the President;

Đorđe Stanojević, member.

The International Jury of the 16th Biennial:

Branimir Karanović, Serbia, President;

Lucija Đurašković, Montenegro, member;

Aleksandra Lazar, England-Serbia, member.

Should any member of the Jury be prevented from doing their duty in any way after the acceptance of these Regulations, the organizer has the right, due to an urgent situation, to appoint another member of the Jury.

The awards at the Biennial are: Grand Prix (1,500 EUR) and seven equal prizes in the rank of first prize (500 EUR) in each exhibition category. Not all exhibition categories have to be awarded. The Jury can award other, special, rewards and recognitions. The awarded works remain in the Biennial Collection as the property of the Organizer.

For two-dimensional works, maximum dimensions allowed are 10x10cm. Maximum outer dimensions, if there is a frame or a passepartout, are 20x20cm. For three- dimensional works, maximum dimensions allowed are 10x10x10cm. If there is a pedestal, maximum dimensions are 20x20x20cm.

Signed works, Application form, and the receipt of the participation fee payment (together with the name and surname of the participant) should be submitted no later than October 31, 2021 to:

International Biennial of Miniature Art – Kulturni centar, Trg kneza Mihaila 1, P.O. Box 92, 32 300 Gornji Milanovac, Republic of Serbia.


Domestic authors pay the participation fee of 1,000 dinars net. Foreign authors pay the participation fee per application of 40 EUR net, or 40 USD net.
Here you can download the RULES and APPLICATION FORM of the 16th International Biennial of Miniature Art:





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