The selected works from the VI Miniaturian Biennial, which are presented in a dozen cities of Serbia from July 8 to July 15 through the project “Traveling Exhibition” (project supported by the Ministry of Culture), will be part of the exhibition program of the Art Festival, international fine arts a manifestation that is being held every year in the Helgeland blight in Norway.
Art festival is a recognized world-wide art manifestation specific to having “one of the longest” galleries in the world. According to Stig Ove Sivertsen, the selector and festival director, the entire main street of the old part of the town of Mušena, with all shops, forging workshops, craft shops and private apartments, will be a gallery with an exhibition space of more than two kilometers during the festival.
The children’s artistic manifesto “Miniature Biennial” at the Art Festival in Norway will be presented by Valentina Nadj, editor of the Children’s Cultural Center program.
This is a great success for all of us: for children artists, the Cultural Center and Gornji Milanovac, says Valentina Nadj and adds that the International Exhibition in the Mixed Crown of the twelve-year existence of the “Little Biennale”.
– The Miniature Biennial began its journey in 2005, as a follow-up event of the VIII International Biennial of Art of Miniature. It started with the idea. With a lot of enthusiasm and courage. Anyone who more or less participated in the creation of this event, are part of the story of the Miniatures Biennial. Everyone has helped in his own way. Whether they are former or present creators, their professors, art pedagogues, cultural workers, Gornji Milanovac’s businessmen or visitors to the exhibition, who have contributed to improving our advice. So far, we have jointly presented six exhibitions, where more than 1,000 school children were taken not only from Gornji Milanovac, but also from art schools from Cacak, Sabac, Nis, Uzice, Kraljevo and other cities of Serbia. The contribution to the Biennale was given by the artist Anne Britt Ravna as well as the participants of the art workshop of the Cultural School in Mušena (2010). In an effort to expand our idea of ​​the Biennial of Children, in 2014 and 2016, we implemented the project “Miniature Biennial – Traveling Exhibition” supported by the Ministry of Culture of Serbia. The project originated from the need for the manifestation to develop and expand, in order to gather other cities in Serbia as well as fraternal cities from Slovenia, Macedonia, Greece …

Today … we are preparing the setting for the Art Festival. We are well on the way to get an international “recognition” after the exhibition in Norway, and in due time it becomes a manifestation that will promote the works of artists from all meridians like the “big” biennial, concludes Valentina Nadj.
The Art Fest exhibition program, besides the selected works from the Miniature Biennial, will also include works by Scandinavian authors who contribute to the innovation and development of creativity in the field of fine arts and culture in general.

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